In case we haven't meet yet. Let us tell you a bit about us. We are a deeply-in-love couple with a passion for serving and helping business owners reach their greatest potential for social media branding and marketing. 

We are from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We have two incredible children that we homeschool called Daniela Isabel and Gabriel Antonio and our cute dog Penny. 

We are lovers of music, The Office, coffee, Puerto Rican food, and two nerds constantly wanting to learn new things. 

We are owners of Glitter Poppy & Declet Photography so we know firsthand how complicated entrepreneurship can be while successfully managing social media marketing and its constant changes. That is why we want to help you!

now it's time for you to relax

Laura & Danny here, encantados de conocerte!

You’re an incredible but busy goal-getter-business owner with a lot on your plate. We know that as much as you want to, managing your brand’s marketing is not on top of your priority list. So, let us help you take your business and brand to the next level through made-for-you marketing services. Now RELAX, and take a vacation because we are here to take care of it so you can start focusing and what you love the most! 

should be as amazing as your business!

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We've seen such fantastic growth in our business sales, we've booked our ideal clients, and we continue to invest and grow in our business. Our social media and marketing are proof of having the right team and strategies in place; your business will succeed. We feel our business is better than ever!

"Our business is better than ever!"

Glitter Poppy

We saw incredible growth in our audience and, more importantly, increased bookings. As a result, we were able to focus on serving our clients once they were ready to book without worrying about thinking of ways to get leads

"We saw incredible growth in our audience and, more importantly, increased bookings"

Hacienda Jagueyes

The Social Couple is amazing! They had the same vision for my small business's success. The way they explained and helped me understand the whole process made everything easier for me. One of the best investments I have ever made.

One of the best investments I have ever made!

Jacqueline Cakes